Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Simspiration article

The new site Simspiration is now releasing their first printed magazine world wide. The magazine features a wide variety of topics: fashion trends, gardening tips, tutorials on how to create your own custom content, you name it!

My upcoming issue at Simspiration
I have to say I'm pretty excited about this magazine, especially now that I've submitted an article for the upcoming issue! Woohoo!  It's called "Tips and Tricks: Adding special features to your lots" in which you can learn how to add cool stuff to your homes that do not necessarily include custom content (ex: adding a hidden room that an only be unlocked if your sims perform particular actions).

The magazine also comes with an added bonus, as it unlocks all the custom content featured on the magazine, which is not available anywhere else.

They also have a neat Facebook Page in which you can read more about it, if you like.

I hope you take a closer look at it!

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