Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Video Tutorial: Making a secret basement in Sims 3

Here's another video, this time a short tutorial explaining how you can create your own secret basement in a few simple steps. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Faraway Castle Trailer

Here's the trailer for my upcoming lot, I hope you guys enjoy it!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Hathaway Mansion - Teaser Trailer

I'm on a roll with these video editing tools, so don't make fun of me. And don't ask where I got the male voice, I'd have to shoot you later. On a more serious note, this was a fun project to execute. It all started with a shell I did for the cover of an article for Simspiration. From there I made a residential mansion and then decided to go a bit further and create an alternate tomb version. Both lots are available for download at my minisite, I hope you enjoy them :)

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Kahotep Ruins - as official as it gets - Trailer

Here's a trailer I made for my first tomb: Kahotep Ruins. It was quite fun to revisit the place and take that footage!

How to add residential objects to community lots in Sims 3

I thought I should post this here, as I haven't found sufficient information on the web so far. As many of you know by now, the guys at EA set some limitations on what items we should include in community lots and decided we couldn't add residential objects (stoves, microwaves, laundry machines, etc). However, they have managed to bend those rules and presented us base camps with stoves (just to taunt us, of course). So, how did they do it?

While trying to work out the answer to this, I accidentally found a way to get past those sneaky developers! However, in other to achieve this, you will need to run the program Create a World Tool.

So here's what you can do:

1- Build your lot on a residential home and after you are done, save it to your library.
2- Open Create a World (CAW) tool:
2.1. - Under File -> Open a World -> Pick a file from a pre made world (it can be whatever you like really, as long as you have zoned areas to work with).
2.2. - Click on the Plumbbob symbol to edit the world in game;
3- After your game is loaded through CAW, pick your lot from the library and place it, as you would in a normal game. Then save your changes and exit the game;
4- CAW will at this point be updated with your lot placed in it. Click on your lot and you will see lots of information on it, including the type of lot;
5- Edit the categories and change your residential home to any type of community lot you want;
6- Repeat step 2.2. to access again your lot in game. You will notice that it now has successfully turned into the type of lot you wanted;
7- Save your lot to the library or package it according to your choice and use it as you like.

Note: Although you can create base camps with all the residential items you want, you won't have the option to export them and share them with others. You can always resort to rezoning in this case, but all those residential items will be lost in the process. As base camps are the only lots that do not have that option, it should work fine with everything else. I have tested a few of my lots successfully, but have not tried every single type of community zones, but I'm assuming they work as well.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Simspiration article

The new site Simspiration is now releasing their first printed magazine world wide. The magazine features a wide variety of topics: fashion trends, gardening tips, tutorials on how to create your own custom content, you name it!

My upcoming issue at Simspiration
I have to say I'm pretty excited about this magazine, especially now that I've submitted an article for the upcoming issue! Woohoo!  It's called "Tips and Tricks: Adding special features to your lots" in which you can learn how to add cool stuff to your homes that do not necessarily include custom content (ex: adding a hidden room that an only be unlocked if your sims perform particular actions).

The magazine also comes with an added bonus, as it unlocks all the custom content featured on the magazine, which is not available anywhere else.

They also have a neat Facebook Page in which you can read more about it, if you like.

I hope you take a closer look at it!

The real truth about the mini Tudors

For the last few days, I've been trying to squeeze really tiny starter homes in 10x10 lots. But that's not all. Each of these homes include an underground cellar that can only be accessed if you perform a particular action. You may have to remove a book from a shelf, or a gem (or even an innocent looking gnome) from a display to visit the hidden room.

Why, you might ask? Why make something so small you hardly find room for a mailbox?

I could say the lots are easier to load if they are small and can fit virtually anywhere on the map and the hidden cellar are just a fun little feature... but that would only be a fraction of the truth. The real reason it's all part of my evil plot to dominate your town. There, I said it! Just don't make me repeat it again.

*this message will self destruct in 5 seconds*

Gerhard Starter HomeFriedhold Starter HomeEwald Starter Home

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Tomb is finished! :D

I have been fiddling with this project for ages, but today I can honestly say I'm proud of it. Here's the description:
"Legend says Kahotep found the secret to eternal life. Centuries later, no one can find him or his treasures! Will you be the one to solve this mystery? Put yourself to the test, solve logic puzzles and watch your sims discover all the secrets in this lot. Disclaimer: No mummies were harmed during the making of this tomb, although they should be prepared to attack your sim in case they get too greedy. Difficulty: Medium. *NO custom content*"

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Suspicious looking video - aka my next project

It's suspicious, it's creepy and it's my next project!

Yeah, that's one of the chambers in the tomb that I'm working on at the moment. I only discovered World Adventures Expansion last week, but I'm having so much fun in Egypt that I had to make an addition to the scenery. Thanks to Blackgarden, who's been teaching me how to work out the processor, I've been setting up cool puzzles for you to solve. The tomb will be filled with them, dark corridors, mysterious warp wells, triggers and traps and, of course, treasure, lots and lots of treasure! :D

Is it a bird, is it a plane?...

Is it Superman?! NO!

It's just me, I'm afraid. Sorry to disappoint you all, but I have this tendency to make dramatic entrances when I'm about to make small announcements that no one reads.

I have decided to maintain a blog to keep track of my simming related activities. If you have stumbled on this blog, you can expect to see it being updated frequently with new stuff, so stay tuned! :)